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The Young Professionals Board is a diverse group of community leaders, ranging from ages 21-39 years old, who share a commitment to A Precious Child and embrace their platform to lead effective and meaningful change for Colorado children in need. The Young Professionals Board supports in A Precious Child’s Economic Mobility Initiatives, which consist of Child & Family Advocacy, Family Stability, Academic Success, Social & Emotional Well-Being and Workforce Development.
The Young Professionals Board utilizes its strengths and resources to provide year-round support for A Precious Child’s programs and services to help the organization achieve its goals. This Board aims to fill the void between A Precious Child’s Youth Advisory Board and its diverse Executive Boards to create greater involvement across the young professional network.
The Young Professionals Board has three pillars of success that require each Executive Board Member and Member to commit to:
  • Leave a Footprint Society: The objective is to create a community of monthly donors to help fund the overall A Precious Child mission.
  • Young Professionals Board Signature event: The Young Professionals Board will host a signature event annually; the purpose of this event will be to raise funds to support the A Precious Child mission. All members are expected to participate in this event.
  • Creation of Community: The objective is to create a community within the board that serves as a foundation for networking, building relationships and fun while supporting the A Precious Child mission by volunteering, attending events and hosting drives.

Join A Precious Child’s Young Professionals Board

For information on how to get involved,  Caitlin Henkel, Philanthropy Officer at A Precious Child or call 303.466.4272 ext. 133

Young Professionals Board Members

Zachary Dedin, President 

Tait McGowan, Vice President 

Zach Mattice, Past President 

Sofia Antal 

Jade Condon 

Elamine De la Gala 

Macy Dedin 

Kaycee Dolan 

Zachary East 

Sarah Gleichenhaus 

Jalyn Hall 

Chris Huyhn 

Molly MacEachen

Jake Matthews

Elisabeth Peterson

Ashlyn Prendergast

Megan Sandstrum

Megan Socha

Zac Zavich     

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