Helping Every Kid Get in the Game

giveSPORTS provides new and gently-used sports equipment and support for sports program costs associated with registration, uniform, camp and participation fees to children in need, giving them the opportunity to participate in activities that help them feel a sense of normalcy alongside their peers.


This year we celebrated an amazing Equipment Drive in partnership with Kroenke Sports Charities at Ball Arena. In total, we collected over 19,000 pieces of sports equipment including 90 new bikes and welcomed over 175 cars, 3 trailers and 2 large trucks of generous donors who drove through Ball Arena!

The Need

The biggest predictor of sport participation is the parents’ income. Only 27.5 percent of children from homes with incomes under $25,000 a year play sports (Aspen Institute).

The giveSPORTS program is a bridge to help every child get in the game, regardless of circumstance. It keeps kids active and puts them on the path to academic success and increased school attendance. The giveSPORTS program believes that no child should be sidelined because of their financial status.  Children who have the opportunity to play sports learn many life lessons such as teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, responsibility, ethics, time management, how to strive to win and how to cope with losing.  

How it Works

We Collect the Gear 

A Precious Child collects donations of new and gently-used sports equipment and distributes these items to disadvantaged children in the community through our Resource Center as well as our Agency Partners. 

 Caregivers fill out an Opportunity Fund application 

Opportunity Funds are used to help cover the costs of sports fees. 

Kids get in the game 

Opportunity Funds give children in need the opportunity to participate in sports alongside their peers despite the hardships they face. 

GiveSPORTS Skills Camps

The typical American family spends an average of $700 per year on each child’s sports activities, but some spend upwards of thousands in order to pay for equipment, travel, camps, fees and more.

A Precious Child giveSPORTS Program provides children with access to participate in sports. A big part of the giveSPORTS program is the A Precious Child annual giveSPORTS Skills Camps, where A Precious Child partners with local athletes to provide children with the opportunity to not only learn the game of football, basketball, or baseball from a Professional Player, but also learn the importance of sportsmanship, the value of teamwork, and the chance to make new friendships.

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