How does the program work?

A Precious Child collects donated new toys, gift cards and gifts for children (babies through teenagers) in the most need in the community. Gifts are distributed to children through our Resource Center as well as our agency partners.

During the year, when families shop in A Precious Child’s Resource Center, a gift along with cake mix, icing and candles is given to a family or caregiver to help them celebrate a child with an upcoming birthday.

During the holidays, we rely on generous support from individuals, companies, churches and other organizations to ensure that each child is sponsored and receives something special.

Why we do what we do

With more than 166,000 children living in poverty in Colorado, it is no surprise that families struggle to provide holiday and birthday gifts for their children. The simple act of celebrating each and every child, despite their circumstances is what the Precious Gift program is all about.

Providing a gift to a child in need during celebratory life events allows them to experience the joys of childhood, give them hope for the future, as well as experiencing a sense of normalcy during a time in their life that is anything but normal.

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