How does the program work?

Children are able to submit a scholarship application for music, dance, theatre or visual arts to help cover the cost of registration fees, books, uniforms, supplies and equipment as well as other arts related fees. These scholarships increase access and participation for those disadvantaged youth who may not otherwise have the opportunity to become involved in the arts.

Why we do what we do

Students who study art are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and 3 times more likely to be awarded for school attendance. Despite these important improvements, art programs have been reduced or even eliminated in many schools. Children in low income families are far less likely to have the opportunity to participate in arts instruction outside of school due to the cost (President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities (2011).

At-risk students who have access to the arts in or out of school tend to have better academic outcomes, higher career goals and are more civically engaged. (NEA report, The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth).

Children who have the opportunity to participate in the arts are better able to learn motor skills, spatial reasoning, math skills, language development, decision making, visual learning, inventiveness, cultural awareness and have improved academic performance.

How can you help?

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