Nominated By Kahley Reinhardt of Broomfield Health and Human Services. 

Chase is the oldest of four children and takes his position as big brother very seriously. Growing up, he had to put a lot of energy into protecting his siblings from what he describes  as a life in a constant state of chaos and negativity. Chase attempted to shelter his family from the influence of a person that did not always make the best choices and tended towards destructive and sometimes dangerous behaviours.  Chase learned very early to not show emotion and reports how frustrating it is to live in a world where you are not allowed to be yourself. 

Chase feels guilty he was unable to do more to change things for his family and one of his biggest wishes is to ensure his siblings are able to have the childhood he was never given. Chase has begun receiving support in an effort to address his trauma as he strives to find ways to better himself. Chase is self aware and has spent a great deal of time processing. He remains positive and is dedicated which fuels his motivation to continue to grow and heal. Chase is selfless and desperately wants to better the lives of those he loves. He has the best intentions when it comes to his family and is an active part of not only his healing process but also to the healing of his siblings. He is an exceptional example of what it takes to persevere in situations you have no control over. Chase is humble and often does not feel worthy of praise or acknowledgement yet the amount of maturity and self-awareness Chase possesses is truly inspirational.

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