The Broomfield Youth Recognition Award (BYRA) program provides business, community, and civic leaders an opportunity to actively demonstrate their belief in and support for the young people in the community. The BYRA program allows the greater Broomfield community to honor and acknowledge those youth who, despite adversity, achieved positive change in their lives.

Calla Winner

Nominated By Mary Campbell, school counselor.

Calla struggled for a long time before her family realized that she was dyslexic. She worked incredibly hard to keep up with her peers and her school work– particularly in reading and writing.

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Chase Spicer

Nominated By Kahley Reinhardt of Broomfield Health and Human Services. 

Chase is the oldest of four children and takes his position as big brother very seriously. Growing up, he had to put a lot of energy into protecting his siblings from what he describes  as a life in a constant state of chaos and negativity.

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Meredith Miranda-Scott

Nominated by Christina McCann

Meredith’s mother describes her as one of the bravest people she knows. Meredith was born physically different from what her brain says she is and spent the majority of her life fighting a conflict between her physical appearance and her mind

Read Meredith’s full bio

Jakob Bondi

Nominated By his mom, Christine Bondi-Cerrato.

Jakob is a young man who had spent the majority of his life feeling disconnected –  struggling both academically and socially, wondering where he truly fit in. “Outed” as gay before he was ready to come out, he had reached a point where he saw very little future for himself.

Read Jakob’s full bio

Jillian Ball

Nominated By Ali Figurin and Christina McCann, school counselors.

Jillian was born on the Winter Solstice 2005. She was full of surprises for her family, not the least of which was her augmented chromosomal status. Jillian experiences many medical and developmental challenges related to Down syndrome.

Read Jillian full bio

Kira Britton

Nominated By Ali Figurin and Christina McCann, school counselors.

Kira has been through a lot in her short life.  Kira was born in Uganda and lost her mother when she was 4 yrs. old. Kira was then adopted into her forever family, moving thousands of miles away to a new country without knowing English.

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Noah Carau

Nominated By Lauren DePinto, caseworker for Broomfield Health and Human Services.

Noah was adopted at 15 months old from a Russian orphanage and brought to the US.  Noah struggled in his family throughout his young life and, in 2017, his adoptive parents placed him out of the home as they were unable to care for him and meet his needs.

Read Noah’s full bio

Phoebee Waelti

Phoebee Waelti was nominated by school counselors-Christina McCann and Ali Figurin.

Phoebee has had to overcome the death of her mom.  When Phoebee’s mom died she felt that her world had ended and there was nothing left.

Read Phoebee’s full bio

Sofia Tabert

Nominated By Assistant Principal, Greg McDonald.

Sofia has had to deal with many difficulties as a young person growing up.  None has been more difficult than losing her father when she was in 6th grade.Her dad was her world and she wanted to be like him in many ways, including being an excellent drummer.

Read Sofia’s full bio

Will Olsen

Nominated By Caseworker Rachel Hagens.

Growing up, Will had to deal with family issues at home that lead to his eventual placement into the foster care system.  Will struggled with his time in foster care and moved from placement to placement over the next several years.

Read Will’s full bio

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